tajer•stein  |  It means precious stone.

The Book of Zohar says that a person’s name is a prophetic sign of duty. Though, truth is often times merely allegorical. Rightfully so, I am not a diamond.

My super power is seeing beyond the ordinary.  Where some might hike through a cavern only to find mundane rocks, I go beyond and see the shining, shimmering, splendor.

I am not the stone; rather
I am the craftsman.
My trade is emotion,
and my work is precious.


I’m an energetic creative with leadership experience, a deep understanding of interactive media, and a vast creative toolset . I am passionate about creating relevant and resonant immersive experiences.

Finally, i am a professional.
I am also Jack.

When I am not comically defending my own self worth, you can usually find me watching old Disney movies,  doodling, or passionately ranting about the painful experience of being a Mets' fan.

...but in GIFs